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Last Modified: 23rd August 2006
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Site back online!
By: Brain23rd August 2006
Up until a few years ago, I maintained the project which you can find on this site: WinBot - A windows IRC bot. In 2005, the WinBot project dropped off the face of the earth due to the fact I no longer had time to maintain it, and was no longer using windows as my operating system. I have promised for quite a while now that I would release WinBot as open source, so here it is. After a couple of days of work we have rebuilt some of the site (its actually redesigned, using some stuff we canned years ago due to lack of time)

Please note:
  • All source files on this site are BSD licensed. This means you can fork and modify this code, and even charge for your versions, so long as credit is given where its due.
  • There will be no more official releases from me. Nada, zip.
  • The source code provided here does not run properly yet. It is a development version of 3.0. If you want to make use of it, you must first fix it.
  • I am providing downloads of old versions in installable form.
  • To compile the source code you will require delphi 6.0 or above, and microsoft visual studio 6.0 or above.
  • A forum may follow soon for you to support each other and your various WinBot forks - stay tuned.

You may download WinBot in source or compiled form on our downloads page. This source code is accessible via ViewSVN (it is stored in a subversion repository) and also contains the source for most of the plugins and scripts which were ever made available on this site, and are compilable seperately.

Alternatively, you could check out some of the other projects which have been keeping me busy all this time:
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