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Last Modified: 23rd August 2006
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About Winbot
WinBot is an advanced IRC Bot for Windows, is easy to use, customizable and has a wide range of options for bolting on new enhancements and features.

You can learn more about WinBot in this section.
What is a Winbot?
This section will teach you what a WinBot actually is, what its used for and will take you through some of the features offered.

If your a newbie to the world of bots start here, or even if you are experienced with another type of bot read this section to get a feel for the screen layouts.

[Read 'What is a Winbot']
Frequently Asked Questions
Feeling lost ? Got a question ? Want some answers ? Then start here.

If you still can't find the answer to your question or are having problems, take a look at our Support options in the panel to the right of this page.

[Read the 'Frequently Asked Questions']
Who Develops Winbot?
A great many people go into making winbot work, and we have a page here dedicated to them. From the main Winbot developer, to the script and plugin makers (You even get to see what some of us look like!). So, if your interested, hit the link below.

[View the Winbot Developers]
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