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Winbot Developers
There are several people who keep winbot ticking over, all do various things, from official scripts, to website maintenance.

This section aknowledges the primary people involved.
E-Mail: brain @
Brain is the creator of WinBot and maintainor of the main source code - he's the guy to speak to about new features, bugs and things which 'just dont work right' :o)
Craig 'FrostyCoolSlug' McLure
E-Mail: Craig @
Created the Website you see before you, and is a general good guy. Slightly hell bent on world domination, but nobody is perfect. (Except maybe Azhrarn.. but don't tell him i say so :/)
E-Mail: jiggy @
Jigsta designed the original winbot website, and is also a Plugin developer and does general bug testing and support - want a plugin developed or something special on the IRC server then go pester him !
E-Mail: azhrarn @
Azh is a mean machine when it comes to scripting and bug testing WinBot
E-Mail: Scripterz @
Klowns is one of our lead scripters, he develops WBS scripts, and runs the WinBot channel mirroring which allows users on multiple networks to talk on #WinBot.
Cow / Ricky
E-Mail: cow @
Ricky helps with the Website, gives support to WinBot users and generally impresses us with some of the stuff he manages to achieve !
E-Mail: cheesey @
Cheesey develops for the plugin engine of WinBot - keep an eye out for his Borland control for easy Plugin development ! You can always fine Cheesey lurking around on the channel :o)
E-Mail: N/A
Andy's main responsibilites lie in Interface design and beta testing, he also does music, and you can also listen to one of his tracks on the about screen of WinBot!
E-Mail: N/A
Beta tester, Winbot fan and general chat livener-upper !
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